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Paul Vachon

Detroit area Freelance Writer, Editor and Public Speaker

As a skilled writer, I’m uniquely qualified to meet your needs. After a twenty year career in the retail business, I launched my freelance writing venture in 2008. Since that time, I’ve written four books and contributed to publications such as Pacific Standard, Preservation, HOUR Detroit, Michigan History, Costco Connection and others.

Welcome to the site of Fountain Pen Writing

I chose the image of a fountain pen for my business since it symbolizes both the craftsmanship and the creativity that make for good writing and effective communication. Writing that is interesting and effective is an art. Adding quality, well researched writing to your marketing efforts will elevate its effectiveness, enhance your professional image and allow you to stand out from your competition. When added to the pages of your magazine or website, high caliber writing will engage and inform your readers.

I’m a college graduate with a B.A. in liberal arts from Sacred Heart Seminary College in Detroit, Michigan. I’ve also done graduate work which included a semester spent Jerusalem, Israel. I’m also an authority on the history of Detroit and Southeastern Michigan and am proud of my deep roots in the community.

Regardless of the size of your project, I delight in providing high quality material that is prompt and within budget.