images by paul vachon Soon to Appear at Detroit Bubble Tea!

by Paul Vachon, June 16, 2015

Although I am principally a freelance writer, in recent years I’ve devoted a fair amount of time to studying photography. I became interested in the art of “writing with light”–which is how the word literally translates from the Greek–when I first received a contract in 2011 to compile a new edition of a guidebook on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Most of the images I needed for the book were landscape and a few architectural shots. This soon became the type of photography in which I nurtured a special interest.  Since that time I’ve turned my lens on other areas of the state, particularly my beloved home of Detroit.  Just a simple walk though the city’s downtown or midtown areas will yield compelling and photo worthy scenes: familiar buildings viewed from unusual angles, meaningful juxtapositions of two or more related subjects, or a popular activity at a noteworthy location. When captured, these images serve as a time capsule of a time and a place, one which may never again be repeated.

Recently my good friend Arun Prasad offered me wall space in the new restaurant, Detroit Bubble Tea  to display prints of my images and offer them for sale.  Detroit Bubble Tea is located in Ferndale at 22821 Woodward Ave., which is on the northwest corner of Woodward and Nine Mile Rd.  My work should be up and ready for viewing around June 25.  I invite you to stop in, imbibe a delicious beverage and/or dessert and enjoy looking at my work.  My images will be very reasonably priced, and I am also available to do photography on assignment.

And to whet you appetite just slightly, here a few sample of my  earlier work.. My newer pieces will be displayed soon at DBT!


Lake Huron Shore on a misty day

Lake Huron Shore on a Misty Day



View from Hart Plaza-Downtown Detroit


Dodge Fountain at Hart Plaza



Presque Isle Falls

Presque Isle Falls

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