Social Media Burnout

by Paul Vachon, January 7, 2015

It’s probably impossible to find a single soul on the planet who has never heard of Facebook or Twitter.  But how about Stumble Upon, Diaspora, Stickam, Tagged or Wooxie?  My informal survey of websites which track these online worlds reveals over 200 socials networks.  Many are communities which cater to a narrow niche–Disaboom is dedicated to people with disabilities; GamerDNA serves devotees of video games and FullCircle bills itself as a “Geosocial networking and location-based services portal for mobile devices.”  Others, such as the ever familiar Facebook. LinkedIn plus Foursquare, Tumblr and Google + each tout themselves as the ultimate platform for online social communication where members can share their ideas and activities. Based on sheer volume, there’s an awful lot of social contact to exchange. Like many solo entrepreneurs, I exert a consistent effort to make my presence known on social media.  A colleague of mine once said that writers who do not maintain blogs are essentially saying they don’t care if the world doesn’t know if they exist or not. That may sound a bit extreme, but she does have a point.  What years ago was achieved through radio and TV interviews, or by way of newspaper reviews is now done by Facebook posts and promoted through Twitter feeds.  It’s not the wave of the future, it’s the wave of the present. But how much is too much?  Each time I discover a new network which I hope will provide benefits, I spend at least a couple of hours studying the site and setting up my profile. Then I add it to the list of platforms I’m already utilizing, sync them together whenever possible and hope I remember to post as often as I should to obtain maximum benefit from my investment of time. Setting up profiles, posting, tracking posts–it’s enough to drive the freelancer crazy!  When are we supposed to find time to actually write? Maybe someone can invent an app where the user will plug in her goals and needs, and the program will list just WHAT social networks will be worth her time. I’m sure many of my peers would find a tool like this really useful.  I know I would!

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