s a skilled professional, I'm uniquely qualified to meet your written communication challenges. With over a decade of experience, I've crafted articles for consumer magazines, business publications, trade journals, and custom publishing clients. As examples, my work has appeared in the Detroit Free Press, Crain's Detroit Business, HOUR Detroit, the History Channel Magazine, Costco Connection and others.

I received my undergraduate education at Sacred Heart Seminary College in Detroit, where I earned a B.A. in philosophy and liberal arts.

I'm also an author. Since 2008, I've written four books on Detroit history: Becoming the Motor City: A Timeline of Detroit's Auto Industry, Detroit: An Illustrated Timeline, Lost Restaurants of Detroit, Legendary Locals of Detroit, South Oakland County, and Forgotten Detroit. I've also revise and edit two guidebooks on an ongoing basis, MOON Michigan and MOON Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Both are published by Avalon Travel.



Becoming the Motor City: A Timeline of Detroit's Auto Industry

Well over a century ago a cadre of self-trained mechanics, machinists, and other tradesmen started tinkering in the small, cramped machine shops near downtown Detroit. Despite their varied technical ideas, professional ambitions, and personal temperaments, they worked towards a common goal: to revolutionize personal transportation by capitalizing on the recently developed internal combustion engine. As it happened, Henry Ford, Ransom Olds, John and Horace Dodge, and others all called the same city home. Their descendants maintained their legacy, and in so doing created the middle class, equipped the Arsenal of Democracy with the hardware needed for the Allied victory over the Axis, and set in motion the post war suburban boom. Modern day Detroit is inseparable from its signature industry. Becoming the Motor City: A Timeline of Detroit’s Auto Industry shares insights about how the industry and the city grew, prospered, and ultimately suffered together.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is distinctly different from journalism. CM is information a business offers to it's customers and prospects to build confidence in it's brand. Content marketing clients I have worked with include: HOUR Custom Publishing, Costco Connection, STORES (National Retail Federation), and The Detroiter (Detroit Regional Chamber)

Article Writing

Whether it's a new real estate development, an important local event, or an undiscovered the community should take note of, I can get the story. Local publications I have been featured in include: Crain's Detroit Business, HOUR Detroit, Michigan Meetings and Events.

Press Releases and Copy Writing

I can enhance your website with copy that is informative and effective.


Becoming the Motor City: A Timeline of Detroit's Auto Industry

This talk covers some of the highlights of my most recent book, Becoming the Motor City: A Timeline of Detroit's Auto Industry. A PowerPoint presentation shares some of the book's more dynamic images, while the commentary discusses some of the lesser known facts surrounding local auto lore.

Forgotten Detroit

Inspired by my book of the same name, your audience will learn a bevy of little known stories about Detroit's past, including the Ford Hunger March, the Riot of 1943, Italian POWs housed at Fort Wayne during World War II and others.

Lost Restaurants of Detroit

Also inspired by its namesake book, this presentation shares the stories behind some of Detroit's storied eateries of yesteryear--including Carl's Chop House, Little Harry's and Topinka's. I also include information about a few existing bistros and watering holes. Approximately one hour. Includes a PowerPoint and time for questions.